A Short Note On The Energy Drink Dangers Essay example

A Short Note On The Energy Drink Dangers Essay example

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Possible Energy Drink Dangers
Manufacturers define an energy drink as “a drink which contains ingredients claimed to enhance mental and physical performance in some way or another” (Group 1). Energy drinks originated in Japan during the 1960’s and became popular in Europe during the 1980’s and 1990’s and are thought to have increased in popularity because of the “rave culture” (Whiting 1) Now, these drinks are packaged as soft drinks with excessive amounts of caffeine mixed with taurine (an amino acid and vitamin) with other ingredients. Companies market energy drinks as a stimulant for improving performance and increasing energy. Many companies have spent millions to endorse these drinks with extreme sports franchises to sell their message that the drinks will make one edgy and energetic (Whiting 1).
Consumption of energy drinks has the potential for side effects that can be deadly. Mountain Dew and Coke Classic are considered as high caffeine content soft drinks. Mountain Dew only has 54mg. of caffeine in a twelve ounce can. Coke has only 34 mg. of caffeine for a twelve ounce can, and an eight ounce cup of regular coffee has 95 mg caffeine level. These are very few in comparison to energy drinks. Energy drinks are not regulated or evaluated by the FDA; therefore, these companies do not have to disclose how much actual caffeine is in these drinks. There are not only clear studies that the effects of plant-based substances (guarna, ginko biloba, and ginseng are common ingredients) have on your body and the caffeine from the natural sources (Schumaker 2).
In a study from 2009-2011, there were almost 5,000 calls to poison control centers regarding energy drinks, and over half of the calls involved children. There have...

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...ks with alcohol. Health care training needs to include recognition of and treatment for overdose from energy drinks, and research needs to continue on the immediate and lasting effects of these deadly drinks and their lasting effect (Whiting 2).

Akin 5
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