A Short Note On The Battle Of Somme Essay

A Short Note On The Battle Of Somme Essay

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SSG Bolden, Gene L.
SSG Joiner, Stanley V.
SSG Tilley, Christopher R,
SSG White, Kenta D.
Battle of Somme
SLC 001-016
09 February 2016

While looking for battles that involved Field Artillery there were many that came to mind however, we went off the beaten path and chose one that showed how if you depend on one element too much it can hinder your overall combat power. In this paper, we will show how the battle plan for the Battle of Somme relied too much on artillery and costs the lives of too many young men. The Battle of Somme, also referred to as the Somme Offensive, is known as one of the bloodiest and largest battles of World War 1. This battle which was to be a key breakthrough on the Western Front could have been planned considerably better. Douglas Haig and Henry Rawlinson were the two British commanders that were commissioned to plan the attack. During the planning of this Battle there were many disagreements between the two on the length and depth of the artillery bombardment. In the end a mixture of both plans was adopted, this being the first and most fatal mistake that was made.
The Battle of the Somme, located on the Somme River in Picardy, northern France, started in July 1st 1916 and lasted until November 1916. For many people the Battle of Somme was the battle that symbolized the horrors of warfare in World War 1; this one battle had a obvious effect on overall casualty figures and seemed to characterize the ineffectiveness of trench warfare. For many years those who led the British campaign have received a lot of condemnation for the way the Battle of the Somme was fought – in particular Douglas Haig. This disapproval was based on the terrible casualty figures suffered by the British and the Fr...

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...les constitutes a trilogy, illustrating the unquestionable heroism that will never accept defeat and the inexhaustible vanity that will never admit a mistake."

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