Essay on A Short Note On The Arch Of Titus

Essay on A Short Note On The Arch Of Titus

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Arch of Titus

The Arch of Titus was created to celebrate the victories of the Roman Emperor Titus. Titus was originally born in Rome and was the eldest of three children. He had one younger sister and his younger brother Domitian. Titus had previously served under his father Vespasian in military combat. During the Year of the Four Emperors, his father was declared emperor on July 1, 69. Young Titus was then given the duty to end the Jewish Rebellion during the First Jewish War. Titus successfully captured the city of Jerusalem and demolished their holy place of worship called the Second Temple which was actually a replicate of their First Temple that had been destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 586. Titus was awarded a Roman Triumph which is a public celebration to recognize a military leader who was victorious in a foreign war. His father was still Emperor at the time but Titan served as the Praetorian Prefect. He was in command of the Praetorian Guard which consisted of body guards which Roman Emperors employed. This position was considered the highest position of power within the Roman administration. Eventually, Vespasian died and Titus was granted the throne on June 23, 79. Titus was the first Roman Emperor to be in succession of his biological father. Titus was a generous emperor and was known for his help in major disasters as well as for completing the Coliseum. On September 13, 81 he died of a fever and his younger brother Domitian took over the throne. Titus was deified by the Roman senate. Titus was highly praised by his people and his virtues were held in high estate. In 82, his brother dedicated the creation of the arch to Titus’ triumphs in war and as emperor. The reign of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian was k...

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...the empire. Today, we see the arches and are reminded of the dominance and power of the great emperors. Their success is still remembered today through the physical existence of the arches and also the historical benchmarks such as Roman victories at war. The significance of the arches also represents the culture of Roman society. Everyone was expected to honor the emperor during the triumphal march throughout the town. The day of the march was a celebration of Roman victory but also a way to glorify the emperor. As visitors tour the city, the arches show the transition from a time of poor rulers and unorganized government to the period where one ruler took control and was expected to make decisions for the good of the empire. Successful and favorable rulers like Titus are defied and their military achievements are portrayed in art such as the triumphal arches.

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