A Short Note On Social Media Apps On My Phone Essay

A Short Note On Social Media Apps On My Phone Essay

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For my project I plan to decrease my use of various social media apps on my phone. I 'm choosing four apps that I have a habit of mindlessly scrolling through when I 'm bored and could be doing far more productive things. The four apps I chose are; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. On all of these accounts I hardly ever post or send anything its just scrolling though to see what 's new. So I 'm going to measure my use by how many times I go into each of the apps and how much time I spend on the site. For example when I intentionally click on the Facebook app, I will put a tally next to "Facebook" on a sheet of paper. Then, for every additional five minutes I will add another tally. I will continue to do this for each of the different apps to find out how often I am using them. I will also record specific activities and times of the day I 'm on the app so I can see what kind of situations correlate to more phone use. Once I know how often I 'm on these sites , I will be able to reduce the amount of times I go into them a day.
After tracking my behavior for a week I found that I used social media most when I was alone and or bored. For example when I was on the bus for a couple hours, on the T, just walking to class, or eating when I wasn’t around other people. I noticed when I had an assignment due very soon or I was with my friends or with my boyfriend during the weekend I hardly touched social media at all because I was entertained with something else the whole time I didn 't bother looking at my phone. I tend to go on the apps a lot just to pass time or avoid an awkward situation. I also found that if I check one app I usually check most of them as well. I’m on apps for just a couple minutes far more often than bei...

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...ion if used the right way. If your friends or family are messaging you or tagging you in things they want you to see you are more likely to visit that page they showed you and message them back. If you ignore all their messages you might hurt their feeling so you feel required to go on social media when people want to communicate with you. This affected me while tracking my behavior because their was a tragedy that happened in the past week back where I went to high school and I found out about it through Facebook and found myself checking into Facebook more often primarily to see updates and see what people from my high school were saying about the situation. This just shows how helpful social media is in the sense of bringing people together during a time of need that were once very close and are now are scattered across the country studying at different colleges.

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