Essay on A Short Note On Social Media And Its Impact On Society

Essay on A Short Note On Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Coverboy? One day, I was scrolling through Instagram; instagram is a social media app where individuals post photos or videos to share with the accounts’ followers, and arguably the world since we know anything posted on the internet is fair game. While I was scrolling, I came across Covergirl’s account. They announced that they were welcoming a new Covergirl. On their page, they announced James Charles as their first ever male Covergirl. The post simply introduced him to their one million followers where he was glammed out from highlight to contour; he even had faux freckles delicately placed on his face. This company challenged societal norms by choosing a male to model their makeup.
According to WGSS 1110 lecture, mass media reaches a large audience, and each media outlet is very aware of that. Usually, this may keep a company from taking risks in attempt to please the majority of their audience. In this case, Covergirl took a leap in support of gender non-conforming individuals and communities; this makeup brand took a stand for acceptance and equality by doing something many other companies wouldn’t have.
In WGSS 1110 lecture, Guisela Latorre offered Judith Butler’s idea of gender performativity. We learned that our bodies allow us to “do” gender. This ad is a perfect depiction of that. While the new Coverboy was seen as a biological male, he chose to “do” gender differently. He wore makeup; there is this widespread notion in our society that only females should wear makeup. Just the other day, I was sitting in the community room of my residence hall; my peers and I discuss different things on our minds ranging from comical memes seen on social media to serious issues. One of the males on my floor ap...

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...conforming individuals in an arguably negative light. Refreshingly, this was not the case for Covergirl. This makeup brand decided to empower individuals that do not fit society’s mold of what we “should be” based solely off of our sex assigned at birth. This ad and campaign help promote that it is okay to be different from what society tells you to be. It is okay not to fit that “perfect” mold, because in actuality, we know perfection doesn 't exist. Each and every individuals has their own unique characteristics, forms of expression, and mannerisms. Rather than being forced into the mold society has waiting for us at birth, we need to take that mold handed to us before we even realize what it is and break it. We need to be who we truly are, and as a society, we need to work collectively to accept individuals for who they are rather than who society wants them to be.

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