A Short Note On Radiological Dispersion Device ( Rdd ) Essays

A Short Note On Radiological Dispersion Device ( Rdd ) Essays

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A Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD) is any device that causes the purposeful dissemination of radioactive material without a nuclear detonation. Most people think of these devices as “dirty bombs”. However, there are other ways to disseminate radioactive material to cause harm. This paper will discuss what types of radiation there are and their affects; what type of radiological weapon a terrorist might use against western nations; and who would possess such a weapon. It will also discuss the likely effects an RDD would have if deployed upon an urban population.
Radiation is divided into three groups. Those groups are alpha, gamma, and beta radiation. According to Forest and Howard, Alpha radiation is the least dangerous from external exposure. It will not penetrate through the skin. If it is somehow injested though, it is the most lethal. Beta radiation is more lethal. It can penetrate through the skin. People are usually protected from beta radiation by barriers using aluminum. Like alpha radiation, it is dangerous if ingested. Gamma radiation is the most dangerous of the three. “…it can pose both internal and external health hazard; however, the lethal dose for gamma emitter is larger than that of an alpha emitter by approximately ten times, meaning the latter is much more potent” (Forest&Howard, 2013, pg 187). The life cycle of a radioactive source does affect the lethality of a radiological bomb. According to the Forest and Howard, “…short life materials would not last long enough to pose a serious threat of contamination; very long half-life materials decay relatively slowly and thus would not emit as much radiation as an intermediate half-life material” (Forest & Howard, 2013, pg. 187). Sources for radioactive mater...

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...mies. So far the resources that they are needing have fallen short. J.J. Green (2015)with Washington Top News wrote an article recently about how Russian and Ukrainian rebels are working diligently to create a dirty bomb. Al Qaeda as well as ISIS terrorist groups have been attempting to obtain a weapon of mass destruction for decades. "Since September 11, 2001, terrorist arrests and prosecutions overseas have revealed that individuals associated with al-Qaeda planned to acquire materials for a RDD. In 2004, British authorities arrested a British national, Dhiren Barot, and several associates on various charges, including conspiring to commit public nuisance by the use of radioactive materials" (Fact Sheet on Dirty Bombs, 2014, para 18). Any terrorist organization, whether domestic or international, could be willing to create and deploy a weapon for mass casualties.

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