A Short Note On Market Strategy Of The Coffee Bean Cafe Essay

A Short Note On Market Strategy Of The Coffee Bean Cafe Essay

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D. Market Strategy
D1. 4Ps:
While the main retail products of the Coffee Bean Café are regular coffee, specialty blends, specialty drinks, such as lattes and mocha’s, several types of hot and iced teas, or smoothies and energy drinks. An essential part of its product that will appeal to the present and future customers of The Coffee Bean Café is the atmosphere. The décor and surroundings are very hospitable and tranquil. Wi-Fi will be available to our customers, as well as, appropriate sized tables that allow for socialization and/or to accomplish work. A soft mix of music, determined by the customers’ requests, enhances the atmosphere, as a result, way we try to appeal to everyone’s taste in music and diminish lost customers due to the music choice.
We also offer an additional room that is designated a quiet area for those patrons who prefer a quieter atmosphere, somewhere they can study or conduct a meeting without the music and noise from patron’s conversations. In this space, there are small, comfortable workstations positioned along the walls, two large tables, two medium size tables that can seat four people, additionally there are a few two-person tables suitable for a one on one meeting or study group.
Coffee is available in nearly every fast food chain, gas stations, and especially coffee shops, a form of pure competition, so the atmosphere and quality of the coffee will be competitive advantages. The Coffee Bean Café desires to provide the needs of its customers by giving them a place to relax, get work done, socialize, and enjoy a cup of quality brewed coffee or alternative beverages offered.
With the availability of coffee in many other places, many of which offer a drive through window, we felt th...

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... monthly purchase forecast Factors contributing to forecast
January 30 250 $7.00 $52,500.00 Grand opening
February 28 175 $7.00 $34,300.00 Special event for valentine’s day
Cold weather, Short month
March 31 200 $7.00 $43,400.00 Spring begins, warmer weather
April 30 225 $7.00 $47,250.00 Spring break increase in travelers
May 31 250 $7.00 $54,250.00 Memorial day, Indianapolis 500 race
June 30 250 $7.00 $52,500.00 Travel season increased exposure on interstate
July 31 250 $7.00 $54,250.00 Travel season increased exposure on interstate, Brickyard 400 race
August 31 275 $7.00 $59,675.00 School begins increasing college patrons
September 30 225 $7.00 $47,250.00 Football season begins
October 31 225 $7.00 $48,825.00 Fall foliage increase in travelers
November 29 200 $7.00 $40,600.00 Thanksgiving holiday decrees
December 29 175 $7.00 $35,525.00 Christmas expense decrees

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