A Short Note On Honors Program Application : Supplemental Questions Essay

A Short Note On Honors Program Application : Supplemental Questions Essay

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(Please respond to all questions, using a maximum of 1,000 words total on a typed separate sheet)

Briefly describe your reasons for applying to the honors program.

I am applying to this program to achieve my utmost potential. Only the brightest psych majors go through this program, and that is what I aspire to be. With the proper training, mentors, ability,community and help, I can become my ideal self. In essence, This program will leave me with knowledge needed to do excellent psychological research in the field. Aside from my appetite for knowledge, the program will open up many opportunities to work singularly with professional academics. I can see no better route to my goals then through this opportunistic honors program.

What personal and academic strengths do you possess that will contribute to your success in the honors program?

I always have believed in the power of first impressions. They are the prototypical models of every person that an observer applies more details to. On every interview I find it best to start off with my strongest quality for that reason. Ability-wise, my favorite quality is the ability to critically think. Situations arise that can be faced in a hundred ways. It has always been my philosophy that you need to figure out quite a few to find the ideal one. Essentially, my strengths are found in my ability to create thoughts otherwise left under valued, unnoticed, or misunderstood. Already I have in my phone over two dozen theories; some of which are wandering thoughts, others that are designed to be published, and a few possible interesting enough to work on during graduate school. Aside from passio...

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... psychology is holistic and without border. The world around me is painted in shades of psychology. The faces of my peers are complex interactions I dream of studying; the lines in a smile a puzzle to solve. The moment I stepped into my first class at this university, the brilliance around me inspired me to talk with all of my professors. In which, I met Professor Dobkins, whose interests in Existentialism, mindfulness, and autism quickly connected us. I would like to take this opportunity of friendship to learn from her, and possibly others (if it is allowed. A mentorship with help me exponentially in my development of two current theories. One on a therapy aimed at targeting the primary cognitive drives of affiliation, achievement, and power. The second pertains the the relationship between the pressure from the opinions of others and Kohlberg’s levels of moality.

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