A Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus Type II Essay

A Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus Type II Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Diabetes Mellitus Type II is the most common type of diabetes, mostly diagnosed in adults, most resent data have shown an increase in kids and teens. Diabetes Mellitus Type II is the when the body develops a “insulin resistance” and in response the pancreas loses the ability to produce insulin. In other words, the body can produce insulin but it is unsure how to use it or it does not produce enough to maintain. People that suffer from Diabetes Mellitus Type II experience high levels of glucose in their blood (American Heart Association). Diabetes Mellitus Type II is most commonly seen in Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, as well as the aged population (American Diabetes Association).
There are many risks factors that contribute to Diabetes Mellitus Type II. The number risk for Diabetes Mellitus Type II is being overweight, due to the fact the more fat cells you have the more resistant cells become to insulin. Also, people that carry more of their weight in their stomach than in other areas can also be at higher risk to develop Type II diabetes. People that fail at being active and fail at eating healthy can also increase their risk. Just like most diseases race, age and family history can play a part in Type II diabetes. Women that experienced gestational diabetes while pregnant or if they deliver a baby over 9 pounds are also at risk. Women can also develop Type II diabetes that have polycystic ovaries. In addition to people that suffer from hypertension are at higher risk to develop Type II diabetes. Depression has been shown contributing factor to Type II diabetes. People with Type II diabetes can experience an increase in high-density lipo...

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... compliant with diet and exercise and listens to what their physician is telling them to do the prognosis is not so bad. If they are noncompliant they can experience nerve and blood vessel damage causing them to become blind, dialysis dependent, or even lose a limb.
My role as a medical professional is to inform the community how important it is to educated themselves on any disease they are diagnosed with. Educate our youth and young child how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. Also, I will explain how important it is to be good roles models for are youth.
All seven dimensions of health can be effected from Type II diabetes. It can cause an emotional status change. Your occupational status maybe hard to maintain if you become too sick to work. Environmental, physical, social and spiritual can all be affective in some way depending on the person.

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