Essay on A Short Note On Asthma And Its Effects On Asthma

Essay on A Short Note On Asthma And Its Effects On Asthma

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Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory of the airway [1]. The most common symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath [2]. Asthma exacerbations, well known as asthma attack, occupy the main social and economic investment and cause higher mortality of asthma [3]. In sever conditions, asthma exacerbation could even lead to death by suffocation.
Recent studies suggest that the airway microbiome may play a significant role in pathophysiological processes associate with asthma [4].However, the role of microbiome in the pathogenesis of asthma has not yet been clarified. To further understand the mechanism of asthma exacerbation triggered by the changes in airway microbiome, a mathematic model of airway mechanics should be developed to reveal the complex interactions which could not reveal by the experimental analysis.
The aim of the project is to identify the role of microbiome in asthma exacerbation using system biology approach. The study will comprise of experimental data, mathematical modelling and in silico stimulation experiment to predict the mechanism of asthma triggered by the dysbiosis of the airway microbiome. Recent studies suggest that individuals with asthma have damaged bronchial epithelial barrier and mucus dysfunction [5][6]. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the behaviours of epithelial barrier function and mucus layer in asthmatic individuals.
An increasing evidence suggests that the composition of the microbiome of the airway may be essential to determine the risk of asthma development and contribute to chronic stable asthma [7]. ‘Hygiene hypothesis’ suggests that exposure to bacteria in early childhood will decrease the risk of asthma but expo...

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...a. The mathematical models based on different scales have mainly concentrated on the mechanism of bronchoconstriction. For example, the model developed by Lauzon focused on the study of bronchial hyperresponsiveness via the behaviours of airway smooth muscle at different levels to predict the mechanisms of bronchoconstriction [18].

However, no mathematical model has been developed to determine the role of the airway microbiome and particularly the function of airway epithelial barrier and the function of mucus layer in the mechanism of asthma exacerbations. In addition, the complex interactions between the immune cells, the epithelial barrier, the airway microbiome and the mucus layer need to be clarified. It is significant to understand these essential elements of asthma exacerbations which might lead to more effective strategies in asthma prevention and treatment.

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