A Short Note On Anorexia Nervosa And Bulimia Nervosa Essay

A Short Note On Anorexia Nervosa And Bulimia Nervosa Essay

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The patient, “Brandy” is a 19 year old Caucasian female who has witnessed the struggles of being overweight while growing up with an overweight mother and a judgmentally harsh father. The patient also mentioned that, when younger, her father made her feel uncomfortable by making sexual innuendos and scolding both the mother and herself about their weight. Brandy is five feet, five inches tall and weighs approximately 116 pounds. She constantly thinks she is fat and that other people secretly do as well. She cannot stand the way she looks and is now starting to isolate herself from family and friends. Brandy has developed a routine of purging or vomiting after eating any food she thinks will make her gain weight or “fat”. The patient also has feelings of hopelessness and does not think her mindset or weight will be able to change.
Brandy is showing symptoms of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa but more specifically purging-type anorexia nervosa. According to Abnormal Psychology, anorexia nervosa symptoms can include “maintaining a significantly low weight, intense fear of becoming overweight, having a distorted view of one’s weight and shape, and lastly, can be excessively influenced by weight and shape in self-evaluations” (Comer, 2014). Brandy has all of the symptoms listed above. Symptoms of anorexia can also include binge-eating or eating more than necessary followed by a form of purging whether it be vomiting or using diuretics (items such as milk of magnesia, chewable tablets, or even pills). This disorder can also be associated with other disorders such as “depression, anxiety, and obsessiveness” (Comer, 2014). Another major sign of anorexia is stopped menstruation and decaying of the teeth due to the acid from one’s st...

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...ings of being fat. Treatment for Brandy’s depression could be treated antidepressants if she chooses. Brandy could also treat her depression with other non-pharmaceutical treatments as well such as exercising, taking on a new project, eating healthier, and sleeping better.
The prognosis for Brandy can be a good one, if she sticks with the described treatment methods above. There have been many cases of success when it comes to dealing with anorexia and Brandy could be one of them. As for Brandy’s environment, I would suggest she move in with a person she trusts that can help her on her road to recovery. This way Brandy, assuming she is alright with all of this, doesn’t have to be around her immoral father. Finally, it is in my opinion that if Brandy concentrates and works hard, she can healthy and happy with herself and the image she sees in the mirror every day.

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