A Short Myth on Poseidon Essay

A Short Myth on Poseidon Essay

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“Man, that was easy! You would think it would be harder considering that this is Poseidon’s,” he said, as he descended the marble stairs, brandishing the three-pronged weapon. He stabbed the air several times with the trident triumphantly before handing it to Eddie who was impatiently waiting to see it himself.
Meanwhile, high above Eddie and Hermetune, Poseidon sat on his throne in Olympus. He had been napping when he had been woken by the noisy celebrations of two unidentified mortals. Mortals could be so annoying at times. They were like ticks, completely dependent on the gods and always a constant nuisance. Poseidon, however, thought that while humans could be extremely irritating at times, they were also quite lovable. It was always an enjoyment to see how they reacted to things he did. When he created new islands from the ocean, the human would quickly discover them and explore them. He loved to watch them in their little boats as they roamed around in the ocean… in his ocean.
Then there was also the time that he had fashioned the horse. He had been in a competition against Athena to see who could present the humans with a better gift. The humans had promised to name their capital city after the winner. Poseidon had devised the horse, a magnificent animal, but Athena had invented the olive tree. After eating the fruit of the tree, the mortals instantly fell in love with its taste, and so they declared Athena the winner of the contest. The capital of Greece, Athens, was named after her. Poseidon had been furious that day. He should have won, not Athena! His gift, the horse literally changed the ancient Greek world! Horses were considered as much more than just animals. They were treasured creatures that symbolized wealth and...

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...tarted streaming out, he wouldn’t be able to stop them.
“And I won’t let you go back into any towns. You’ll have to live in the forests, away from other humans. We all know that you are a son of Hermes; we can’t have you stealing anymore things from others! That’s not right,” he said, smirking.
“Fine,” Hermetune answered. A single tear rolled down his cheek.
After that, Hermetune was sent back down Mount Olympus. Shortly after his departure, Poseidon sent a great flood to destroy any remaining traces of the pescadoans. The waters of the flood transformed the pescadoans into fish and also wiped the memories of anybody that had ever seen or encountered a pescadoan before.
Hermetune was forced to spend the rest of his existence in the wilderness. He was miserable and alone all of his life until he finally died, resting against the gnarled trunk of a wild olive tree.

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