Essay on A Short Motivational Program to Increase Performance at JBL Enterprises

Essay on A Short Motivational Program to Increase Performance at JBL Enterprises

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A Short Motivational Program to Increase Performance at JBL Enterprises
Over the past two years, efficiency has decreased 15% at JBL Entreprises leading to an increase in costs. Analysis of the 2011 employee survey identified motivation has being one of the contributing factors to the reduced efficiency. In order to solve the problem, we recommend the implementation of a two-step motivational program based on the characteristics of Transformational Leadership Theory (TLT).
The Transformational Leadership Theory
The basic idea behind the TLT is that a good leader will cultivate good relationships with his subordinates. In order to do that, Bass (1985) proposed four characteristics a manager must exhibit to be an effective leader. These characteristics are:
• Leaders must set a clear vision for tomorrow.
• Leaders must always act with authenticity and integrity.
• Leaders must put themself and their team in a growth mindset
• Leader must encourage his employees to share their ideas and embrace creativity.
According to Northouse (2013, p.180), this leadership style should push em...

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