Essay about A Short Biography Of The Characters

Essay about A Short Biography Of The Characters

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A Short Biography of the Characters
The characters that will be participating in this dialogue include: Alfred Adler, Aaron Beck, Gerald Klerman, and myself, Heather Anderson.
Alfred Adler was greatly influenced by Sigmund Freud but created what is now known as Adlerian Psychology which introduced many of his own concepts and assumptions to those of Freud (Corsini & Wedding, 2014, p 55). Adler viewed human nature holistically and believed that therapists need to work actively with clients in order to help them develop a “proactive and constructive view of life.”
Aaron Beck created cognitive therapy but was also influenced by Freud as he was trained in psychoanalysis. He developed cognitive therapy after studying depressed patients and finding that there was a “negative bias in their cognitive processing” (Corisini & Wedding, 2014, p 236). From then on, Beck disregarded his training and moved from passive listening to active and direct dialogue with patients.
Gerald Klerman developed interpersonal psychotherapy with Myrna Weissman. “Interpersonal psychotherapy is a time-limited, symptom-focused therapy” (Corisini & Wedding, 2014, p 339). Klerman emphasized the importance of recovery, which includes understanding the relationship between the onset of the illness and interpersonal problems as well as building skills to resolve and/or manage such problems.
I, Heather Anderson, am a current graduate school student studying clinical psychology at Benedictine University. I have studied the previously mentioned psychologists in my Theory and Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy class. I am beginning to develop my own theoretical orientation which is, “an essential part of training and development of counselors” (Benshoff & Sprui...

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... do the Adlerian psychologists find when they work with multiple cultures?
Adler: Working in a multicultural world, therapists have to appreciate the various worldviews of clients, which is why “Adlerians rapidly become educated about the dynamics of many cultures and races” (Corisini & Wedding, 2014, p 82).

Do you believe your psychotherapies could work together?

Anderson: I learned in class that it is best for theoretical orientations to be eclectic. In other words, it would be best for my theoretical orientation to come from a combination of different psychotherapies rather than just one. Do you think that any of your psychotherapies could work well together?
Anderson: Thank you all so much for your input, I believe I have learned a lot about my theoretical orientation from this discussion that I will be able to write about in my final paper for my class.

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