A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window by Lemony Snickets

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window by Lemony Snickets

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window by Lemony Snickets

I. Introduction
a. Title
The title of my book report is " A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window". It is the third book of the series.
b. Author
The wonderful and talented personage who wrote this book is Lemony Snickets. He is a studied expert in rhetorical analysis, a distinguished scholar, an amateur connoisseur.
c. Brief Summary
The Baudelaire Children were orphaned by a fire. They were sent from one place to another, from relative to relative. In this installment, the children are sent to their new guardian, Aunt Josephine. Aunt Josephine lives in this hill above Lake Lachrymose. She is afraid of almost everything, and her only joy in life is grammar. The children thought that she was not going to be a good guardian but they had no other choice. The problem begins when Count Olaf, the children's worst enemy, pretended to be Captain Sham. He is still after the Baudelaire orphans since once he has the custody of the children, he will have their entire fortune. The children find themselves hopeless since Aunt Josephine and Mr. Poe did not believe them when they said that Count Olaf is after them again. Count Olaf, who was still pretending to be Captain Sham, scared Aunt Josephine away, and she ran far far away. The children saw a note saying that Captain Sham is now their legal guardian, and it was signed by Aunt Josephine. Suddenly, Klaus found several grammatical errors on the note thus concluding that Captain Sham just forged her signature. Klaus read the note again and realized that it was a secret message. The message pointed out a place, somewhere near Lake Lachrymose, and it was possibly where Aunt Josephine was. The children immediately went down the hill towards the dock. There, they realized that there was no way they could reach Aunt Josephine. Then, Violet remembered Captain Sham's business, sailboat rentals. They decided to steal one and they took off. Another problem arose- Aunt Josephine did not want to go back to Damocles Dock with them. She was afraid of the leeches that inhibit the lake. But she changed her mind of staying in Curdled Cave forever when one of the children told her that the cave was to be sold. She was so scared of realtors that she decided to come. A bigger problem was when the leeches started attacking the runaway boat of the four.

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The leeches were slowly wrecking the boat. Just as all hope was gone, they saw a boat. The only problem was, it was Captain Sham. Without any other choice, they joined Captain Sham in his boat. Captain Sham was positive that Mr. Poe would not give him custody if Aunt Josephine was still alive so he pushed Aunt Josephine off the boat. They reached the dock and there they saw Mr. Poe who was so happy of Captain Sham's heroic act. He did not believe the children until Sunny started biting the wooden leg of Captain Sham. The wood chipped off and his tattoo of an eye was revealed. Mr. Poe was so flabbergasted and disgusted at the same time. He called the authorities but it was too late. Count Olaf managed to run away, again. Nevertheless, the Baudelaire orphans were still happy that Count Olaf did not become their legal guardian.

II. Body
a. Characters
i. Violet Baudelaire- She is the eldest of the three siblings. Anyone who knew her knows that when her hair is tied with a ribbon, she is thinking of a new invention.
ii. Klaus Baudelaire- He is the middle child. He fascinates books a lot. He was responsible for the figuring out of the secret message of the note Aunt Josephine left.
iii. Sunny Baudelaire- She is the littlest of the three orphans. She was not big and was unusually little for her age. She had four big teeth and she loved biting. She was also the person who revealed Captain Sham's true identity.
iv. Count Olaf- The antagonist of the story. A very greedy man who is after the Baudelaire fortune. He wore silly disguises which never really worked. He is an evil man who knows nothing but to ruin the lives of the orphans. He had the tattoo of an eye on his leg and one eyebrow. He always manages to escape and find ways to find the children.
v. Aunt Josephine- The new legal guardian of the children who was afraid of everything. She was afraid of the telephone since using it may result to electrocution. She was afraid of doorknobs, the stove and realtors. She loved grammar and she had a library which was full only of books about grammar. She did not prove to be a good guardian for the children but she tried.
vi. Mr. Poe- He was the assigned guardian and protector of the Baudelaire fortune and children. He is expected to keep the children safe by finding for them a new home every time
a problem occurred.
b. Setting
The story took place first in Damocles dock where Mr. Poe and the Baudelaires were. From there they went to Aunt Josephine's house. A restaurant, called the Anxious Clown, was also used. Curdled cave was also mentioned since it was where Aunt Josephine went after Captain Sham scared her off. The climax of the story happens in Lake Lachrymose. The story ends in Damocles Dock also.
III. Opinion
I would totally tell people to read this book. For people who find the misfortune of others rather funny, this is the perfect book. The book is not suggested to people who believe in happy endings, prince charming and true love. I loved the story since it's one of those books where you don't know what to expect. Other books I have read often ended with the same happy ending, revolved around two lovers and with little misery.
This book is definitely incomparable. The story of the Wide Window is really unusual. It is so different that it becomes really interesting. I finished this book in three hours. I really gets the reader hooked. The adjectives and terms used were really depressing and it helps prove Snicket is a great author because he made me feel what he probably felt when he was writing the story. He made me imagine what he did, he made me see with his eyes. This book is truly a work of art.
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