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A Sense Of Privilege Essay

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A sense of privilege

This theme offers an understanding a thorough understanding of the two previous themes. Throughout each interview, participants highlighted that they felt privileged by their student status and this demonstrated that education itself plays a vital role in shaping student attitudes in relation the refugee crisis. Participants acknowledged that their university education was unique within society by hinting that many members of society are consumed by right-wing ideology because they don’t have the luxury of teaching thus are easily convinced by right-wing ideologies promoted by the media. When discussing their answers concerning university, participants demonstrated that they felt a sense of “privilege” compared to other members of society

Participant A – “University gives me a different angle, compared to constantly reading the news and stuff.”

Participant B - “Coming to university has made more open-minded, where I 'm from, its quite rural and everyone is Scottish. People are quite shallow minded and don 't have many attitudes on Refugees.”

These findings display as Hudson & Busser (2012) suggest that educated individuals are less prone to conforming to right-wing ideologies. According to Hudson & Busser (2012), low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate towards right-wing ideas due to a variety of factors. Hudson & Busser (2012) demonstrate that right-wing ideologies seem more appealing to individuals with lower education as they tend to be more easily convinced and attracted by elements of right-wing ideas. The media is a huge instigator in promoting right-wing ideas and views.

Participant B - “The media says we don 't and then you can talk to people in University, you talk to ...

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...dents leave education and the safe confinements of university, circumstances may be out with their power thus resulting in society not matching to their expectations. This may contribute towards their liberal beliefs decaying. In addition, this theme suggests that the majority of students are privileged within society due to their youth, which relates to Chasmorro-Premuzic (2014) who believes that young people are privileged members within society who aren’t affected as much by government policies in comparison with the older generation, in addition students are confined by the protective bubble that is university which shelters students from these harsh realities by promoting acceptance throughout the campus environment (Ferrari & Chapman). All of these privileges give an insight as to why student views may be different from the rest of society.

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