A Semester Study On Uc University Essay

A Semester Study On Uc University Essay

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Final Writing Assignment
This is the third semesters I study in UC Berkeley. During the past one year and a half, there are many distinguished professors, helpful GSIs, and nice advisors in civil engineering department really help me a lot on both academic study and life in campus.
All the professors are unforgettable though few of them are not good at teaching class, but if could give an award to one of my professor, I will choose professor Jack P. Moehle. There are several reasons for my choosing. The first and most important one is his teaching method. I took his CE 120 and CE123 classes in 2016. The materials coverages of these two classes are a lot, but at the end of each semester, professor Moehle can finish all the topics in the syllabus. The paces of the lectures are not so fast or slow. The best part of his lecture is that he will explain the basic conceptions of the topic at first. Then he will summary the steps and equations we need to solve the sort of questions relative to the topic which is covered in the lecture. After that, he will show an example of the topic step by step. At the end of the class, he will do a summary of the lecture of each class. Moreover, professor Moehle is very good at board-writing. His board-writing and lecture note are very clear. Secondly, his office hour is very useful and worth to listen. He could explain your question exactly and make sure you understand it. Meanwhile, he will extend your questions to tell you some backgrounds and why the building code requirement like this. Last, but not least, his homework problems and midterm problems is helpful for student to understand the materials of the class.
There are also many staffs in the department help me a lot during the three semes...

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...s, I think the basic required courses in Civil Engineering department is too much. For example, if I choose SEMS as my emphasis, the course CE 11 does not help me a lot, if I choose Environment as my emphasis, the course CE 60 is redundant. This does not mean these courses are not helpful, but if I do not take the relative direction courses, after two or three semesters, I will totally forget most of the knowledges I learn in these kinds of courses. I think we’d better to create several groups of courses as required courses, and the courses in same group focus on the same emphasis. Thus, we could choose a certain group of courses to take as basic requirement.
Above all are some my experience, view and some suggestions I have during these three semesters study in UC Berkeley. Hope these experiences could help the department improve the program in Civil Engineering.

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