Essay on A Seller Open Houses Should Present Your Home At Its Best

Essay on A Seller Open Houses Should Present Your Home At Its Best

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As a seller open houses should present your home at its best. Without a doubt one of the most engaging senses we have is smell. It immediately triggers emotions and memories recreating images in our minds with very little effort. Our reaction to these pleasant scents is taking a deep breath causing a calming effect relaxing our bodies and mind. During open houses it’s a reaction sellers want, it generates a sense of home for the potential buyer heightening a natural attraction to your home.
In California scents of the environment are part of the lifestyles and in some cases a major attraction for buyers selecting homes in neighborhoods and locations for purchase. Depending on where you are in California, you’ll find scents from ocean breezes, fruit orchards and fields of flowers each one changing your mood, producing a relaxing effect or energizing your spirit.
Scents aren’t just about bringing the outside inside, there are scents created inside of home from daily routines of living in the house that can create these same effects. How about the aroma of freshly baked bread or cookies just coming out of the oven and what about the holidays filled with fragrances of cinnamon, pumpkin and evergreens.
7 scents that work during open houses
Just about every kitchen has lemons and oranges sitting in a basket or bowl. These two scents add a sense of freshness and cleanliness to any room. If you’re using them in the kitchen for an open house, be sure to run a few slices of the rinds in the disposal intensifying the smells. The scents from these two fruits are known for activating a positive mood that’s uplifting for our senses.
Green Plants
Real plants and potpourri fragrances bring an outside atmosphere into a home dur...

... middle of paper ...

... Add some warmth to the scent by leaving a bottle of vanilla sitting on the counter, tucked away. Set up a couple of coffee cups and complete the vision, letting the buyer create the image of sitting in your home with their hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee
Every season throughout the year has its own character with each of us holding fond memories, so using scents to trigger these happy moods work during an open house. The fresh scent of pine recreates the merriment of Christmas as interested buyers enter your home. The aromas of baking pumpkin pies and or hot teas generate warmth that’s unique to each of us with a feeling of being home. Simply boil some water on the stove, add cinnamon and cloves and let it simmer for a few hours. You can find fresh pine cones at the local store or use a hotpot adding the scents of vanilla, cinnamon to the home.

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