A School 's Code Of Conduct Essay

A School 's Code Of Conduct Essay

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Due to the fact that students through the use of technology are finding new ways to bully or harass other students in social media, schools are having to update their Code of Conduct frequently. A school’s Code of Conduct has to be relevant in order to keep up with the needs and issues that may arise in a teenager’s daily life. This doesn 't only mean at school, but also in any place that is related to the school. Students being cyberbullied doesn’t only affect them at home it affects a victim anywhere so that no place, not even school feels safe. Some students get to the point where they don 't even want to come to school because technology is also at a students reach at school it seems like there is no escape from cyberbullying. According to ABC News in an online article titled Phoebe Prince’s Parents Settled School District Lawsuit for $225,000 Christina NG mentions that, “ The parents of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old who committed suicide after months of bullying at a Massachusetts high school in January 2010, settled a lawsuit with their daughter’s school district for $225,000.” In this case Phoebe’s bullies were not just satisfied with tormenting her at school and went as far as to post hurtful comments about her on Facebook, MySpace pages, Q&A site Formspring and on Craigslist’s rants and raves and also sent her hateful words via text. Since the school 's Code of Conduct didn’t permit them to interfere with the issue that happened off campus, the bullies weren 't severely punished for anything that had been done outside of school even after Phoebe had taken her life due to bullying. Phoebe’s parents blame the school district for not taking the required measurements to protect Phoebe from being bullied at school.
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... The Code of Conduct needs to list separately minor and major misbehavior with the required action. Minor behaviors would include posting a hurtful comment toward a person and sending constant rude texts via email and can be handled first by detention or gelding a meeting with the bullies parents. Examples of major behaviors are threatening to kill a fellow classmate, blackmailing and posting a video that may cause taunting or humiliation and can be handled with detention or suspension. After three minor offenses and one major offences, which include the victim not wanting to come back to school the bully should be transferred to another school to maintain the victim safe. In conclusion, any type of bullying or harassment should not be taken lightly and be given an appropriate punishment in order to prevent what could be the first step of a student to commit suicide.

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