A School Climate That Supports Student Engagement Essay

A School Climate That Supports Student Engagement Essay

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• Maintains a school climate that supports student engagement in learning;
1. How do you create a positive school climate to promote student learning?
2. How do you maintain that climate through difficult changes, from other staff members, district changes, or state level changes?
• Generates a focus on student and professional learning in the school that is clearly linked to the system-wide strategic objectives and the school improvement plan;
3. How do you notify staff members of the SIP?
4. How do plan on monitoring the school-wide implementation of the SIP goals?
• Evaluates, monitors, and provides timely feedback to faculty on the effectiveness of instruction;
5. In what ways do you monitor effective instruction?
6. What type of feedback to you provide for a teacher that is “on top of her game” and “one who is not”?
• Employs a faculty with instructional proficiencies needed for the school population served;
7. How do you determine the needs of instructional staff at your school?
8. How do you aid your staff in understanding the population of the school?
• Identifies faculty instructional proficiency needs, including standards-based content, research-based pedagogy, data analysis for instructional planning and improvement, and the use of technology;
9. How do you and when do you incorporate data with you staff ?
10. How do you ensure that instruction is aligning with the standards and research based instruction?
• Implements professional learning that enables faculty to deliver culturally relevant and differentiated instruction; and
11. How do you enable faculty to use differentiated instruction?
12. How do you ensure faculty is delivering cultural relevant material?
• Provides resources, time and engages faculty in effective...

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...th understanding the population of the school can aid in this matter. Ms. Piesk encourages teachers to look in their students cum folders to understand their students better and be aware of cultural differences.
The development of a master schedule for professional development provides teachers with the needed information. The hour of PD each week is organized to best meet teachers. Utilizing district coaches and mentors allows staff to grasp the most current information. The master schedule allows for department common planning which promote collaboration between teams and grade levels.
I feel the interview shed a successful insight to administration. From the school climate to master schedules, the administrative position incorporates all the facets of leadership. Build upon trust, knowledge, and resources a bright educational future is on the rise.

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