A Schizophrenic Life By George Orwell Essay

A Schizophrenic Life By George Orwell Essay

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A schizophrenic Life
George Orwell’s novel 1984 tells a grueling story about the country of Oceania and the mindless community that serves the government. The country is controlled by a party that follows the rules of the totalitarian government known as Ingsoc. The party has created a fictional figure known as Big Brother and posted his picture everywhere in the country with a slogan “Big Brother Is Watching You” (Orwell 2). The laws of the Oceania are very elaborate. They have control over all aspects of the prole’s lives, including their children, the way that they think through the language that they speak, their facial expressions and even their intimate relationships. Overall the government has created a society of walking robots with no inner natural existence of mankind existing solely to serve the state.
The proles lived the fears of a schizophrenic patient. A person that suffers from schizophrenia “may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them” (National Institute of Mental Health). This is exactly what was happening to the proles by the government, only they were living a schizophrenic reality where all their worst nightmares came true.
In the city of Oceania the proles were watched at all times. They had no freedom to live their own lives. The party hired police patrol to walk the streets and look into windows to watch the proles; however, they were not the ones that the proles feared. They were more concerned about the party’s patrol unit called thought police. It was their job to monitor a device called a telescreen and to hunt down anyone who betrays the government’s rules. In every home, business and street there was a telescreen. The telescreen was one...

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...meone was caught committing a crime, it became known and broadcasted over telescreens to scare the other proles in an attempt to spread fear throughout the society. This played a major role in the governments control over the society’s minds.
With all aspects of their life under constant surveillance the proles lost all of their freedom. They lived a very unhappy life filled with fear and animosity. The proles had become isolated from anyone that they were close to. “Social isolation often deprives the individual of tangible benefits provided by the group, whereas loneliness interferes with emotional, physical, and psychological performance” (Laursen and Hartl). Overtime and punishment the proles lose their true identity and become a robot to society with only the resemblance of the person they once were. All that was left was their shell with no inner existence.

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