A Scene From The Movie For Colored Books Essay

A Scene From The Movie For Colored Books Essay

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For this assignment, I decided to analyze a scene from the movie For Colored Books (2010), which was based off of Ntozake Shange’s 1975 play for colored who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf. The scene that I will discuss follows the “lady in yellow,” also known as Yasmine, played by Anika Noni Rose. The scene is an example of how a rapist does not have to be a stranger. This particular scene in the movie was difficult to watch for two reasons. The first being that Yasmine had invited a man, Bill, over to her home that she believed was a good man. She had no intention that the night was going to end with her being raped. She had opened up herself and allowed someone in and they took advantage of her. Second, as she explaining to the detective that she knew her rapist, he told her, “It is very difficult to press charges.” The rape itself was traumatizing to Yasmine, but the aftermath was much worse. In one scene, it shows her waking up alarmed with a knife in her hand when one of her students was buzzing for her at her apartment. Whenever the perpetrator died as the result of another woman, who he had raped, stabbed him, she identified him as her rapist, walked up to his dead body, slapped him in the face, and walked off. The scene in the movie showed that she got some form of release knowing that he will never be able to hurt her again.
Oftentimes, when women of color are raped, society (the people and its laws) loves to either victim-blame or devalue the incident. A feminist analysis would be that “women of color are constructed as two opposing types of beings: the overtly sexual woman of color who as asking for it, or the innocent victim who needs protection from the men in her own horribly misogynistic communi...

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...she said, “No you have it all wrong.” However, Bill proceeded to assault her because he wanted to. Rape is a choice, not a misunderstanding. Could Yasmine have been more direct with Bill by stating, “I do not want to have sex with you tonight?” Yes she could have, but that is beside the point. No means no.
In conclusion, Yasmine’s story can be any woman’s story. Thanks to the rape culture that devalues the context of rape, all women are subject to fear of being sexually assaulted by a man. Whether it is a partner, boss, coworker, family member, etc., anyone can rape. In this scene, Tyler Perry does a great job shedding light on acquaintance-rape, also known as date rape. Overall, in order for the perspective of rape to change, it requires “challenging the entire right-wing agenda: the wars on sex, on women’s bodies, on the poor, on people of color (Filipovic, 25).”

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