Essay A Savage Legacy : Apartheid, Jim Crow, And Racism Today

Essay A Savage Legacy : Apartheid, Jim Crow, And Racism Today

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A Savage Legacy: Apartheid, Jim Crow, and Racism Today
The video, A Savage Legacy: Apartheid, Jim Crow, and Racism Today, explains the concepts of discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, cultural relativism, egocentrism, ethnocentrism. The video provides clips of the history of slavery among blacks and relates it to the racism of today. Even though there is only five genes that determines skin color, skin color continues to affect someone’s destiny.
In this program, it centers on a pattern of segregation and genocide evident in King Leopold’s Belgian Congo rampages, the terrorism of Jim Crow, South Africa apartheid rule, and less recognizable examples that persist in today’s global community. Slavery caused Blacks to suffer, and allowed them to be victims of violence and brutal abuse. Africans and Asians were stripped of their land and brutalized. Whites chose to beat their slaves than to kill them, because Blacks were worth a lot of money. Black men were considered as property, because they worked in the field. There were many effects that slavery had on the African American society that effects lives today. Even after the abolition of slavery, there were many freed slaves that only could survive by working for their former masters. Blacks worked for their masters and families received can goods or food. Considering Blacks did not keep records, they ended up owning more money to the white families. Many of them never got out of debt, because the system was so corrupted. Whites stopped Blacks from voting and gave them impossible questions to answer. These literacy tests were giving in order to vote. Whites had easy questions and Blacks had impossible questions that they knew they would get wrong. They would ask whites simple q...

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..., it’s a form of education. This could be another form of a generational curse placed on uneducated families. I could imagine if one’s grandparents and parents are uneducated, and they don’t know proper English, how will they teach their children proper English? Their children could learn proper English in school but when they come home they could be looked down as acting white. I can personally relate to this situation. I have meet some uneducated people and because I talk proper English they want to make comments. They can say things like, “Oh you think you better than somebody, talking white”. Its mind blowing that racism and discrimination fail to go away.
Through the United States to Africa, Whites felt they were superior to Blacks. Whites felt the need to organizes Blacks and they decided to take over Africa. In Africa, Blacks were victims of violence also.

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