A Sad and Beautiful Day Essay examples

A Sad and Beautiful Day Essay examples

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Rebecca and Sam woke up early in the morning and they could hear the birds singing in the tree outside there window. The sun was shining so brightly and the day was so warm. They looked out the window and seen such a beautiful day. They hurried and jumped out of bed and got dressed.

Rebecca and Sam ran down the stairs so quickly that they almost tripped over each other, but they managed to make it in one piece. They started to race to the kitchen to get some breakfast but stopped in the living room to find their mom asleep on the couch again. There was a large bottle on the coffee table with only a small amount of liquid left in it. They knew their mom would not be up today.

Sadly they finished walking to the kitchen. Rebecca and Sam got their own breakfast for the fifth day in a row. Another day of cereal with no milk because mom hadn’t been to the store yet to buy groceries. They both began to miss their dad so much. He had only been gone for two weeks but they were so afraid that they would never see him again and that there mom didn't love them anymore.

As they finished there breakfast, again they could hear the birds singing and it made them smile. They wanted to go to the park today, but their mom wouldn't be able to take them. They knew she wasn't supposed to go alone but the day was so warm and there mom probably wouldn't wake up anyway. So they went upstairs and brushed their hair and teeth. They grabbed there roller skates and then Rebecca and Sam quietly headed back downstairs. They peeked in on their mom again. Yup, still sound asleep.

Quietly Rebecca and Sam walked to the front door. They carefully turned the handle and opened the door. They turned a...

... middle of paper ...

...very sad. Their tummy growled again. Rebecca and Sam decided it was time to go home and eat. They were also worried that there mom might wake up soon and find them gone. So over to the bush they went and retrieved there skates. They sat down and put them on. Again they tied their shoelaces together and flipped their shoes over their shoulders. Rebecca and Sam skated home, all the while thinking of what a wonderful sunny day it had been and how lucky all those people were. Rebecca and Sam felt very sad and very alone.

Rebecca and Sam wished that their mom or dad would spend time with them just like the kids parents did in the park. It makes them feel like they have no one, and are alone. It makes them sad and they have tears running down their faces. They hugged each other and wished that there family could go do something like that together one of these days.

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