A Sack, Tackle, and Touchdown in Time Essay

A Sack, Tackle, and Touchdown in Time Essay

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The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in America, and every year it brings a great amount of hype to viewers and fans. There have been 48 Super Bowls since the year 1967, and there are three people who have been present at each one. The three men are in their mid 70’s and very dedicated to the game of football. Every year, the NFL sets aside tickets in order for them to watch the game together (Buiso). The annual attending fellows are passionate about the game of football, and if it were not for the NFL-AFL merger, the men would not have witnessed a single Super Bowl because it would be nonexistent. The merging of the National Football League and the American Football League created The Super Bowl, which has changed the American culture in various ways.
Football has been in the making for over 150 years. The foundation of football comes from rugby, a British sport and also incorporates war tactics. In the beginning, the game was unorganized because there were few rules and it was new to the players. But by the end of the Civil War, football had taken on a whole new look; it started to become the modern version that we are familiar with today (Kennedy 7-9). The development of football has changed the culture because, “Every town in America has at least one high school, football team that draws a big crowd” (Buckley 4). Therefore, without fall football, high school students and even parents would have nothing to do on Friday nights. Football games have added to the world of entertainment and continue to grow as a place for social gathering.
After America came to know the game of football, the rules were laid out and modified. Walter Camp devoted his life to football, and he created the line...

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