A Royal Catfight: The Battle Between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary Stuart

A Royal Catfight: The Battle Between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary Stuart

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The reign of Queen Elizabeth I was known as the Elizabethan Age. At this time, the Renaissance had spread to England. As a ruler, she was well educated, speaking about four different languages (Beck 963). However, it was not just her knowledge that made her into a popular monarch. Her personality helped her to become a successful politician as well. In a documentary about Queen Elizabeth I, it was stated, “She was vain, spiteful, arrogant. She was frequently unjust, and she was often maddeningly undecisive. But she was also brave, shockingly clever, an eyeful to look at and on occasions, she was generally wise. In other words, she had all the qualities it took to make a genius politician she undoubtingly was” (Elizabeth I & Mary Q of Scots 1 of 6). It was her personality that made her into a successful queen, which probably carried on to having her own English holiday. Upon becoming Queen, she was determined to uphold England to its rightful place.
Much like today, Queen Elizabeth had many suitors. They were people who wanted to unite with England, or take the English throne. Marriage and producing heirs were the ways to keep familial power during the 16th century. However, Queen Elizabeth I did not marry anyone. She stated, “’I am already bound unto a husband which is the Kingdom of England’” (“More Information About: Elizabeth I”). Being the manipulative woman she is, though, Queen Elizabeth I used her suitors and prospective husbands to bring forth policies in both local and foreign areas. Without marriage and heirs to the English throne, Elizabeth was the last Tudor to have rule over England (“Elizabeth I (r. 1558-1603)”).
The changes Queen Elizabeth made to England made her a memorable monarch. Under her rule, England faced...

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