Essay on A Rose For Emily By William Golding

Essay on A Rose For Emily By William Golding

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In the short story “A Rose for Emily” Emily Grierson is a woman who was raised with her rich father in a small town. Emily was raised in a very secluded house; her father did not allow her to go out and find a man she would want to marry. Emily was raised to be very close to her father and because of that she could not find her own life. When Emily was older her father died, Emily was so close to him by the time that he died that she kept his body for days because she did not want to admit he was gone. Emily was a beautiful woman when she was young. Emily’s family was rich, upper class, and the kind of people that small town people want to be.
Once Emily has grown up, her life starts to change for good and she becomes someone different. Emily used to be a beautiful woman who lived a pretty nice life. Emily was very isolated and could not do all of the things in life that would of helped her. Emily was never married, never had children and she lived in the same house her whole life. After Emily’s dad dies Emily meets a man named Homer Barron, she falls in love with Homer. The town see’s Emily and Homer driving around together, getting food and spending time outside together. Homer and Emily become so close that the town starts to believe that they will get married. Emily starts to go into town and buy objects for the house like towels with her and Homers initials on them.
The town now believes that Homer and Emily are getting married, they are almost certain at this point. Homer now leaves town to go back to his home town to get his belongings so that he can come move in with Emily. While Homer is gone Emily continues to buy belongings for their house and for Homer. Emily buys a dress for herself and a suit and tie for Homer, it ...

... middle of paper ... who turned into a murder and a necrophilia. Emily wanted to make sure that Homer would be here forever even if he was not alive. Emily felt that if he stayed alive then there was a chance he could run and she could not lose someone again. In the end of the story Emily dies in the house, people come to get her and come to her funeral. A few of the townspeople go look in a room that has not been used in years. When the townspeople open the door, they find Homer lying on the bed completely decayed. Homer was lying in the room for so many years now, the room smelt terrible and the bones needed to be moved. Homer was found with a suit and tie and a piece of Emily’s hair on his pillow. Emily may have died a murderer but I do not believe that was what she would have wanted in the begging of the story. Emily was a good character who grew up under the wrong circumstances.

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