A Right Place For Seniors Franchise Business Essay

A Right Place For Seniors Franchise Business Essay

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A Right Place for Seniors franchise business is based on:
Thank you for considering our senior living placement - training program. The best way to take advantage of one of the most profitable businesses in the ever-expanding senior living industry.
Consolidating our years of experience and knowledge we get you from start-up to running your own placement business. Saving you the learning curve of what works and importantly what does not. Getting you to great profits asap!

Why Is This a Perfect Business?
Placement services are paid a premium referral fee by senior communities to locate, match and place residents with them. With no dependence on location, inventory, employee’s, or large overhead. This business allows you to start-up without the time and burden to recover a large initial investment.
While providing a much-needed service FREE to clients and their families! You will save them time, money, and frustration.
As a bonus, you will be making a huge difference in their lives. It is a confusing process to find the ‘right’ assisted living for a loved one. Usually needed in a time of crisis, making it an emotional and overwhelming task. You can reduce this stress and provide the compassion you would give your own family.

What Is Senior Living Placement?
It is a simple, but effective business model. Taking each client’s unique scenario, you match requirements of area, budget, care and amenities with their best senior living options. Providing objective and comprehensive information on:
• Assisted Living
• Residential Care Homes
• Independent Living
• Memory Care

Why Senior Living Placement vs. Other Businesses?

The need for assistive living is anticipated to double over the next 15 years. With one of the highest ‘net’ in...

... middle of paper ...

.... Our training will give you all the information, tools, and skills to build and market your services for multiple streams of residual clients.

How do I obtain my employees?
You may work differently, but we have only used independent contractors (Advisors / Marketing Salespeople). With the income potential, you will find more seeking a position with your company and we offer several suggestions for your growth.

Can I start it in a home office?
Some may recommend an office for a professional image. We personally have never had anyone come to our offices. If face to face meeting are needed, (clients, referral sources, facilities) we always found it easier to go to them.

If you prefer an office ‘Regus’ www.regus.com and executive suites like them offer great rates on flexible term office space. Rates starting as low as $300 per month, furnished, including utilities.

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