A Rhetorical Analysis Of Juan Enriquez 's Ted Talk Essay example

A Rhetorical Analysis Of Juan Enriquez 's Ted Talk Essay example

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Dr. Quynn,

I believe this semester helped my writing, and I think that is clear from the progression through each paper. When writing my first paper “A Rhetorical Analysis of Juan Enriquez’s Ted Talk” I felt unconfident in my skills as a writer, as they hadn’t been used for around a year. It shows unfortunately in the overall quality of the piece, and I remain unsatisfied with it. I was unsure of the concepts I was trying to argue, and the points I was trying to make, and having to analyze a video proved to be a difficult task for me. As a whole I think the paper shook me at the beginning of the semester and impacted the quality of my notes (Or lack there of), and my course attendance.
However moving into the second paper I decided that I needed to make changes to the way I approached the course. I began attending class regularly and, aside from the travel day before break, didn’t miss a single class after my stint of absences. I think that greatly improved the quality of my second paper, and I feel I was able to articulate my position and argue my ideas far more clearly as a res...

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