A Review On The Assessment And Management Of These Patients Essay

A Review On The Assessment And Management Of These Patients Essay

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A review of learning
Since I started in my current role as a student paramedic, I have attended dementia patients
who have complained of pain on a regular basis. In this review of my learning I will be reflecting on
the assessment and management of these patients. I have decided to concentrate on this area as I
feel it is an area I felt less confident with before this module and also an area where I can make an
improvement in my practise. For this, the model for reflection I will be using is Borton (1970). I feel
this is the best model to help me to structure my essay, whilst showing reflection throughout.

McAuliffee (2009) describes that pain is common in older people with dementia. Along with
this finding. Zwakhalen (2009) explains that dementia patients are at an increased rate of having
their pain under assessed and undertreated.
As healthcare professionals, we regularly attend dementia patients who are complaining of
pain and it is vitally important the need to understand the different techniques when assessing these
patients whilst also understand the alternate ways dementia patients express pain. Brochet et al
(1998) describes that the under treatment of pain in people in people with cognitive impairment is
of concern given the number of people involved and the serious consequences for functioning and
quality of life. Since I started this module on promotion of long term conditions, it has become
apparent to me that my management and assessment of pain in dementia patients needed to be
improved on vastly. Whilst an understanding of the different techniques, could really improve my

So What?

Before I started this module, my feel my assessment and understanding of dementia...

... middle of paper ...

...tion and literature we have excess to
online, in book and handouts and therefore looking to use these to broaden my knowledge. I have
learnt that the abbey pain score is an excellent way of looking at non-communitive techniques when
assessing dementia patients, thus giving me the best possible chance of improving the patient’s

From this I will now be modifying my practise, and will now look to take the abbey scale into practise
and carrying it out in my full assessment of dementia patients. I feel this is an excellent way of
helping me, thus improving my skills, making me a better clinician and giving the patient the best
possible care I can give. Failure to take the new tools and knowledge I have gained through this
module into practise can thus, lead to poor practise and failure to be able to exercise a professional
duty of care, (HCPC 2014).

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