A Review On The American Society Essay

A Review On The American Society Essay

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Review of Literature
The American society is highly sexualized; however engaging in hooking up is still criticized (Allison & Risman, 2013). Double standards related to hooking up among college males and females still exist (Stinson, 2012). There are several factors which play a role in the different attitude patterns as it pertains to college student’s engagement in hooking up. These factors range from how one defines hooking up, to the social contexts one experience, and the gender of college students.
College Students Interpretations of Hooking Up
Hooking up can vary in meaning; depending on how one defines it. Lewis, Atkins, Blayney, Dent, and Kaysen, (2013) conducted an experiment on college students using internet surveys to see how hooking up was defined. The student’s responses were categorized into three groups or clusters. Cluster one definition consisted of sex overall. Cluster two definition was focused on social and interpersonal reasoning. Cluster three definition pertained to specific sexual acts (Lewis et. al, 2013). As can be seen hooking up is defined differently by individuals. However, researchers all agree hooking up can range from sexual to non-sexual acts leading to no commitment or communication afterwards (Stinson, 2012). Another key component in defining hooking up is the traditions seen over time. Years ago traditional dating was the focus, males and females were to find a mate and marry (Stinson, 2010). However, as time progressed and individuals attended college there was a shift. According to Stinson (2012) this shift to students became a time to experiment, which lead to more hooking up than casual dating. Overall, the ways in which college students defined hooking up was based upon personal experi...

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...es (Stinson, 2012). Also, the social experiences of college males and females are thought to be important in their attitude. Assuming one is comfortable with sexual acts or the college norm causes a dramatic increase in hooking up (Allison & Risman, 2013). When colleges are male dominant the influence and disrespect of females partaking in the hook up culture increases as well (Allison & Risman, 2013). Lastly, gender is another factor contributing to college student’s attitudes about hooking up. Both college males and females have opposite expectations and desires. As previously discussed females expect more from a hook up versus males and both genders reputations are on the line (Helm et. al, 2015). Finally, hooking up is a popular phenomenon invading college campuses and still consists of double standards as it relates to college males and females (Stinson, 2012).

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