A Review of University Days by James Thurber Essay examples

A Review of University Days by James Thurber Essay examples

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In the essay, “University Days” James Thurber does a sensational job keeping the reader’s interest throughout the entire story. He explains his college experiences in a way that makes the reader both interested and amused at the same time. Thurber portrays the message that the all-star football player was not the brightest bulb on the tree, which is humorous because many people can relate to that because it’s the same at their school. The author uses a creative writing style to try and capture his audience’s attention throughout the entire essay. He uses descriptive wording, humor, and stories that relate to the reader to accomplish his goal of telling his college stories in an exciting and memorable way.

The descriptive wording used in this essay contributes to the enjoyment of the story. Many authors just tell stories without going in-depth and it makes the reader’s mind wander. That’s why Thurber’s style is so effective; he explains every situation very clearly and also backs them up with examples. He recalled the story about his classmate, Bolenciecwcz who was seen as the star of the football team. He was reminiscing on a time in particular that their teacher asked the football player what form of transportation he took to get to school. Bolenciecwcz had a tough time comprehending the question and was beginning to feel some pressure from his classmates to answer the question correctly. He was having so much trouble searching for an answer that the author described the situation by saying, “At this time, Bolenciecwcz was staring at the floor, trying to think,
his great brow furrowed, his huge hands rubbing together, his face red.”(346) His classmates burst out into laughter at this point; in order to help the speechless...

... middle of paper ...

...rd work really does pay off. This is an example that if a person fails the first try, rather than quitting, they should work even harder to accomplish the task. All of these examples were extremely influential on Thurber’s life and changed him into a more responsible person.

The author’s unique writing style which includes; descriptive wording, humorous quotes, and stories that relate to the reader contribute to making the essay very easy to follow along with and it also helps enhance the excitement of the story. Thurber’s style allows him to express his thoughts in a way that makes the reader laugh and want to continue reading on. This is a sensational short story that I recommend to anyone looking
to read a well-written essay or even anyone just trying to get a laugh. It’s a quick and easy read, and his creative writing styles make the story well worth it!

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