A Review of the Movie "48 Hours" Essay

A Review of the Movie "48 Hours" Essay

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48 hours is a surprisingly well crafted action comedy that has often been recognized as being the first, “buddy cop” film. This genre developed throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, with hit features such as Lethal Weapon, Stakeout, Rush Hour, Beverly Hills Cop and Tango and Cash. Released in 1982 and directed by Walter Hill, it teamed veteran actor Nick Nolte with a 21 year old Saturday Night Live comedian, Eddie Murphy. Murphy plays Reggie Hammond, a quick thinking street smart convict who is released from prison for 48 hours into the custody of Jack Gates, a hard drinking, no nonsense, San Francisco detective, together the two set out to catch Albert Ganz (James Remer) a convicted robber who has just escaped from a chain gang, assisted by his partner Billy Bear (Sonny Landham). Ganz and Bear are on a mission to recover $500.000 from a previous robbery and are on the loose in San Francisco, they have already killed two cops and will stop at nothing
There is nothing complicated about this movie, just a well written script put together by a collaboration of writers, Steven E De Souza,...

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