Essay about A Review of Portal 2

Essay about A Review of Portal 2

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Before Portal 2

Portal was the spiritual successor of a Digipen graduate’s project Narbacular Drop. A game featuring Princess NoKnees a young girl who is incapable of jumping trying to escape an elaborate dungeon with the help of dimensional doors to navigate through the dungeon’s gauntlets and mazes.

Once Valve was shown the footage of the game they hired the team making Narbacular Drop to make for them a game of its like. With some major aesthetic changes tweaking and help from the half-life 2 engine, Portal was forged.

Valve is a well known game development company that has brought games like Half-Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead. These games have quite a community behind them. They have these strange standards for releasing games. Where Half-Life’s sequel took a long time to make, scrap and remake. A game like Left 4 Dead 2 was added near instantly. At the time they were creating a package that released Half-Life2 it’s expansions, Team Fortress 2 and the newly added Portal to consoles as well as PC.

Portal has players literally jump through hoops as they solve puzzles in life threatening gauntlets to outsmart an all-knowing AI and escape her laboratory of “tests” and deathtraps laid in the relentless pursuit of science.

You use portals instead of doors to navigate the laboratory’s treacherous and deadly puzzles. It’s more of a puzzle game, but from the first person perspective. The game grants you a portable portal device, or portal gun, that runs on no ammo, and doesn’t shoot bullets, rockets or lasers of mass destruction. The portal gun does shoot holes, quantum space holes really, that if targeted at qualifying surfaces produces literally a loophole from one place you shoot a portal, to ...

... middle of paper ...

...portals to utilize and I’m kind of forced to explore and take in the environment.
Wonderful game to play, but don’t expect it to keep you up at night.
Wait a minute. I was just told that puzzles aren’t games. That means I did a paper on a puzzle.

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