A Review of Live Performances at the Denver Performing Art Complex Essay

A Review of Live Performances at the Denver Performing Art Complex Essay

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On March 30, 2014 I made the trek in to Denver, for a Masterworks performance of Litton Conducts Vaughan Williams. The performance was at the Boettcher Concert Hall at the Denver performing Arts Complex right in the heart of downtown. I can truly say that this was going to be an experience for me, since I do not ever take the opportunity to drive clear in to downtown Denver very often if ever at all. However, today was the day. I found my way around easily, finding the parking garage and eventually easing my truck in to a parking spot clear at the top away from other vehicles, hoping I’d have a better chance of pulling out with the big beast of a truck that I drive. Believe me this is not something that can be easily accomplished, considering I am a farm girl and rarely have to go into anything that resembles a larger city.
Boettcher Concert Hall
Boettcher Concert Hall is where the Colorado Symphony Orchestra calls home. It was built in a round design with the audience in mind; allowing for a close to the stage experience for the patrons. As I exited the elevator from the top level of the parking garage, I took a moment to gather my senses and check out the buildings surrounding me as well as the architecture. I was greeted at the door by a door attendant who graciously held the door for me and called me ma’am. As I walked under the glass of the archway leading to the concert hall, I came to the realization that I may have been slightly underdressed for this classy arts complex, but continued. After finding the will-call, I headed in the direction I was given to the concert hall. I really was unsure of what to expect when I entered the hall; the closest I had ever come to a so-called concert hall was the auditorium of my ol...

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