A Review of Leadership in Nursing related to Clinical Nursing Practice Essays

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A Review of Leadership in Nursing related to Clinical Nursing Practice

Abstract: Leadership in Nursing has become a major issue in health care settings and in management. Leadership in nursing is a wide in nursing field which includes different aspects. The aim of the review if the literature is to analyse the why nurses enter in the leadership in nursing and leadership in clinical nursing area to enhance the patient outcomes and to improve the quality of the service provided to the patients. This review includes studies from National Health Services in United Kingdom, University Hospitals of Leuven, Belgian Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Sciences of Sweden……………..?

Introduction: Nursing is a profession which has wide range of skills and practice such as clinical care, leadership, management and many more. Similarly, leadership in nursing is also has a wide range of skills which includes different parts of the leadership for example, leadership in management and leadership in clinical area. This review of the literature analyse the leadership in clinical area and why nurses enter in nursing leadership. The Australian health care system faces a national shortage of healthcare professionals, particularly nurses. This shortage is most manifested in rural and remote areas (Davidson, Elliott, & Daly, 2006). So, these challenges require energetic nurse leaders to shape and direct clinical practice to ensure optimal patient output. In present days International studies shows that nurses are increasingly dissatisfied with the hospital working environment (as cited in Dierckx, 2008). Several factors affect the working in environment of the hospital such as insufficient support from management, inadequate information flow from n...

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...d in the nursing profession. Leadership in nursing is a multifactor issue requiring a more research done that can help to recruit the self-motivated nurse leaders, to improve the clinical nursing practice which helps to enhance the quality of nursing care.

Limitations and recommendations
The major limitations of this review are that only a few research articles were investigated this study when leadership in nursing is a wide area requiring a detailed and in-depth analysis. The lack of exposure and experience of the reviewer is another limitation and therefore the conclusion should be read with caution. More research needs to be conducted in this area. The School of Health Sciences, Sweden and Leuven University need to develop a leadership in clinical nursing practice strategy that can be improve the quality of patient care and utilized across the world.

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