A Review of Homeless Persons' Access to and Use of Information Technologies

A Review of Homeless Persons' Access to and Use of Information Technologies

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Opportunities for Engaging Low-Income, Vulnerable Populations in Health Care: A Systematic Review of Homeless Persons’ Access to and Use of Information Technologies

The purpose of the research was to determine and figure out if homeless individuals have access to information technology and if so, are they fully utilizing it. The researchers were guided by three main research questions. The first was “What is the prevalence of access to and use of information technology (Internet, mobile phones, texting etc) by homeless populations”? The second was “What are homeless persons purpose for using information technologies. Finally, “what are the barriers to and facilitators of access to and use of information technologies by homeless individuals”?
The questions and procedures were non random including nine articles representing six studies Conducted between 2006 and 2012 which presented data on access to use of technologies by homeless persons. Within the questions and study by EyrichGarg, 44% rates of mobile phones were long term among 100 unsheltered street homeless persons in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Rice et al also reported 62% of mobile phone ownership among 169 homeless adolescents in Los Angeles California. While this is a good sample size, the problem lies with the distribution and location of the data collection. A much larger sample with regard to all categories taken into consideration would have aided in the data analysis, particularly and most importantly, when looking for possible economic growth differences between different cities.
The modus operandi used by the references in the article was r...

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...erestimate the ability of many homeless people. More than 70% of homeless individuals now own or have access to mobile phone and many also use the computers in libraries and other locations. Homeless individuals can be engaged and empowered to use this type of technologies. This idea will help more of them voice out their opinion, enhance their capabilities and expedite communication. This can also be used to personalize and improve medical assistance tailored to their needs. Where information technology does not exist, it is due to chaotic lifestyle but not problems with digital literacy.

Mclnnes, D. K., Alice, E., & Hogan, T. (2013). Opportunities for Engaging Low-Income, Vulnerable Populations in Health Care: A Systematic Review of Homeless Persons’ Access to and Use of Information Technologies. Sytematic Review, 103(2).

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