A Review of Early Language Learning in Europe Essay

A Review of Early Language Learning in Europe Essay

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Initially, strong political and social debates of early foreign language learning led to the establishment of ELLiE, in order to observe and identify various factors that affect competence in foreign language learning (FLL). Although, numerous FLL studies on "a single class, school, or wider selection of schools" are available, long-term, integrated researches with multiple and cross-border aspects are limited (ELLiE, p. 11). As a result, the creation of ElliE became a reality, to increase knowledge and provide a broader view of implementation processes. The main objective of the ElliE project was also to illustrate vital factors that effectively contribute to the success of early language learning programs in various educational systems within the European Union. Not to mention the importance of initiating collaborative learning between countries by collecting and sharing beneficial evidence essential in validating early start programs in FLL.
This collaborative and innovative research transpired during a three-year term, involving seven countries, 1,400 learners, their schools, families and teachers. An important aspect of the ELLiE study was its perspicacious element. By taking in account not only socioeconomic factors of the learners, but also collecting substantial amount of case studies from rural and urban schools, as well as teachers' qualifications, the ELLiE research gives an astute insight into the FLL environment ongoing in Europe. Additionally, the research group collected information from collaborating schools 2-3 times a year by interviewing principals, teachers, and learners. Moreover, lessons were observed, various class questionnaires answered and tasks administered. Unfortunately, parents of target learners re...

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...t-of-school factors and "high rates of educated parents" contributed in the success of FL learning (ELLiE, p. 99). The study verified the impact of parents' educational influence on learners FL skills, especially if the parent/s used the FL at home or at work. By being a good role model, they demonstrated the benefits of FLL and intensified their children motivation. Not to mention receiving positive feedback from their parents as they progressed. Moreover, activities, such as watching television or using the internet, increased the learners exposure to the FL they were learning. Overall, teachers and parents should promote out-of-school extracurricular FL exposure find ways to strengthen and intertwine it with school curriculums.

Gardner, R. C., & Lambert, W. E. (1972). Attitudes and motivation in second language learning. Rowley, MA: Newbury House.

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