A Review for “The Lion King” Essay examples

A Review for “The Lion King” Essay examples

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It is amazing how a seemingly educated woman that has won Oscar awards for her documentaries, could possibly be so far off base in her review of the Disney movie “The Lion King”. Margaret Lazarus has taken a movie made for the entertainment of children and turned it into something that is racist, sexist and stereotypes gender roles. She uses many personal arguments to review the movie but offers few solutions. The author is well organized but she lacks alternate points of view and does not use adequate sources. Lazarus utilizes the statement at the end of her review that “the Disney Magic entranced her children, but they and millions of other children were given hidden messages that could only do them and us harm” (118). She makes her point by saying that “the Disney Magic reinforces and reproduces bigoted and stereotyped views of minorities and women in our society” (Lazarus 117). She makes comparisons such as elephant graveyards are like ghettos (Lazarus 118). Other lines of reasoning Lazarus gives us are about Whoopie Goldberg using inner city dialect, the villain Scar being gay, and only those born to privilege can bring about change (118).
Lazarus begins her review first, by informing us that the hyenas lived in an elephant graveyard that was dark and impoverished and compared it to living in a ghetto (118). She does not tell us where she obtained her knowledge of how a ghetto is like an elephant graveyard. It was a dark and sinister place but her comparison of it being a ghetto has no justification. Actual hyenas are scavengers by nature and do not exactly hang out with the rest of the animals out in the middle of the Pride Lands. Disney by all accounts, typically has a location in almost every movie that is dark and sini...

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...t people not want to see or avoid this movie. Lazarus should have found sources to back up her arguments. If in some way, the Disney Company has wronged Lazarus, this may be why she makes these remarks about the movie. People will find out as much as possible about a movie before they let their children watch it, which would be a good idea for Mrs. Lazarus. She does not give us insight into her background or knowledge regarding racism, sexuality, gender roles, or the ghetto to back up the point of view she formulates about the movie. She should remember that she is not evaluating a documentary where the facts are important and just sit back and enjoy a Disney classic.

Works Cited
Lazarus, Margaret. "All's Not Well in Land of The Lion King." Power of Language;Language of Power. New York: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009. 117-118. Print.

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