A Retrospective Drug Utilization Study Essay

A Retrospective Drug Utilization Study Essay

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A retrospective drug utilization study of antiplatelet drugs in patients with ischemic heart disease

Abstract— Objective: Acute coronary syndrome is a clinical condition encompassing ST segments elevation myocardial infraction, Non ST segment is elevation myocardial infraction and un stable angina is characterized by ruptured coronary plaque, stress and myocardial injury. angina pectoris is a pressure like pain in the chest that is induced by exertion or stress and relived with in the minute after cessation of effort or using sublingual nitroglycerin. The present research was undertaken to study the drug utilization pattern of antiplatelet drugs for the ischemic heart disease in a tertiary care hospital. Method: The present study is retrospective drug utilization study and study period is 6months. The data is collected from the discharge case sheet of general medicine department from medical department Rajiv Gandhi institute of medical sciences, Kadapa. The tentative sample size fixed was 250 patients. out of 250cases 19 cases was excluded because of unrelated data. Results: A total of 250 prescriptions were collected for the study according to the inclusion criteria 233 prescriptions were diagnosed with ischemic heart disease 17 prescriptions were excluded due to unrelated information. out of 233 prescriptions 128 are male (54.9%) and 105 patients are were female (45%). according to the gender distribution ,the prevalence of ischemic heart disease in males are 90(70.31%) and females are (39(37.1%).in the same way the prevalence of ischemic heart disease along with cerebrovascular disease in males are (39(29.6%)and females are (66(62.6%). Conclusion: we found that 94.8%of drug utilization of antiplatelet drugs was achieved in th...

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...dapa and it was supported by Ghosh et al [9] conducted drug utilization studies in patients with acute coronary syndrome at a tertiary care hospital Kolkata shows 90% drug utilization of antiplatelet drugs and other cardiovascular drugs was observed.
We found that 94.8% of drug utilization of antiplatelet drugs was achieved in the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Kadapa from 2011-2013. Aspirin and Clopidogrel are the commonly used antiplatelet drugs in the RIMS hospital. Our study provides an idea for conducting drug utilization on antiplatelet drugs in RIMS and future studies are needed for the improvement in more antiplatelet drug use.
The author thanks to Management, Annamacharya College of Pharmacy, Rajampet and Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Kadapa for the kind support to complete this research work

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