A Research Study On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Essay example

A Research Study On Worcester Polytechnic Institute Essay example

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), founded in 1865, is a private higher education institute that is dedicated towards science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There are 75 departments that are currently active at WPI. The departments consist of undergraduate and graduate research along with supporting departments such as the Library, Admissions, Sports & Recreation just to name a few. There are over 6,000 active students and about 2518 employees at WPI of which only 480 of them are faculty members, professors of practice, or instructors.

At WPI in order to buy anything for the department they have to use an outdated purchasing system that wastes a lot of time to get a simple order placed. When a department wants to place an order for any supply whether its simple office supplies, lab supplies or lab equipment it can involve many tedious steps. For example, in the Chemical Engineering Department where Felicia currently works, a professor or student will submit an electronic Purchase Order sheet which indicates quantities, prices, descriptions and any other pertinent information such as a needed by date or coupon codes and/or quote numbers. From there Felicia or her coworker (also a purchasing agent) will visit a specific vendor site and order exactly what’s indicated. In order to do any kind of comparison shopping, other individual vendor sites would also need to be visited but if a purchasing agent is not familiar with where to get a specific product then trying to compare is a wasted effort.

The Chemical Engineering Department is fortunate enough to have taken on the use of a departmental P-card which we use for all purchases unless a vendor will not accept credit card orders. This has greatly simplified ...

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...erred suppliers (ITCC started with 14; WPI will begin with 7)
• 12,000 non-catalog suppliers for ITCC
• 5,000 workflow processes converted (huge time and money saver)
• Super easy to use: 2300 active users; 1 administrator
• $175M spent
• 95% Spend visibility via E-procurement vs. P-card spending
• 40% reduction in Office spending: consolidating 52 different suppliers into 1
Although their proprietary savings and costs were not disclosed, you can see what kind of financial impact using E-procurement will have. If it can save this much time and money for such a large community, then the savings for WPI should also be quite significant.
Below is the projected timeline for the eProcurement only to be rolled out at WPI from start to community-wide integration. The 2016 phases will, of course, be variable depending on acceptance and ease of integration by new users.

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