Essay on A Research Study On Virtual Reality

Essay on A Research Study On Virtual Reality

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The purpose of this research study is to provide information to qualify if this would support or not support the hypothesis. The hypothesis in this study would be would virtual reality be an effective procedure to obtain and proceed onto other soldier’s or veterans. Is it more successful and resourceful than to do regular military training strategy? Virtual reality is a computer system programming to observe through another aspect of the researcher to testify if it’s effective, and would it help cope the same or in a better level for the military people. The variables being tested would be the independent and dependent variable. The cause of the issue of what’s being tested such as perceptions how it’s viewed, the web training technique, the age, the gender, and in comparison as to the outcome of the study which would be the results if, it is effective.
(Samsudin, Khairulanuar, Rafi, Ahmad, Ali Mohamad+, 2014) Through the analytical strategy the researchers would gather their data to analyze the outcome of the results. Some would be a set of statistical (MANOVA) study as to determine the relationship based on detecting the treatment vs. the time factors. So from that observation would go on from the initial test then follows on to an improvement set of data. Another concept that was gathered through observation a complex theoretical understanding of definitions of what’s being tested in addition, and the more practical implementation aspects of definitions. The theoretical theory would show the elements such as, constructivist, endogenous, exogenous, and dialectical. On the other hand the practical defines with essential features, interactive, instructive, and a supportive one. This ...

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...t variables were the environment, route, order of the presentation, and finally, the dependent variables that were the environmental appraisal (questionnaires, comments, associations). The purpose will be to test the effectiveness if this would support if virtual reality applications can help soldier’s improve their performance through their behavioral and cognitive state of mind. The visualization would fall into their cognitive map representation of where everything falls. Then there would be a repetition of rehearsal to seek if they can perform the same as to in the virtual reality model. In addition, the study was able to assess both mind and visualizing figures, and maintaining everything in order. This observation was to identify what they see as they confront them, and how they perceive the environment if it influences, or cause an effect on their performance.

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