A Research Study On Virginity, Femininity, And Body Image Essay

A Research Study On Virginity, Femininity, And Body Image Essay

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Understanding and examining what others have said about topics that have not normally been talked about has sparked an interesting conversation. I have been able to gain insight on issues from two different perspectives giving me a better understanding on how people are affected by the topics I have chosen as my focus.In this semesters Gender Studies class discussion about virginity, femininity, and body image stood out the most because it influences everyday life. Getting the opportunity to ask to close friends what they felt about these topics was fascinating.
When first thinking about my questions, I was asking basic questions that really only required simple answers. When analyzing my questions structure I noticed that I needed to find a focus point for these topics. For example, when coming up with the questions about virginity, the main focus was to see what virginity meant to the two interviewees and if there was a difference between the two sexes. When coming up with the questions about femininity I was on Facebook and have saw that femininity was trending as a topic. With this information I chose to focus on how feminism has changed in the United States and if it will change more in the future. The final question is based on body image, my focus on body image is to make the topic relatable to today 's society and the importance media has in defining the perfect body.
First, the most controversial and important topic is virginity and what it constitutes. I wanted to focus on what it means for women and men, being able to get a male and female perspective allowed for me to see how a woman and a man feels about virginity. Interviewee one was Jacklyn, she had a great explanation on her views of virginity. The interview opene...

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...dia 's role in defining what people see as the perfect body.
In conclusion, taking this class and talking to two of my closest friends about how they feel on the issues of virginity, femininity and body issue has helped me see how similar people thoughts are to my own. My views on virginity and femininity did not change in this course but my outlook on body image did. For virginity and femininity, I still believe it is very important in society and that over time people 's ideals and meanings will change. My outlook on body image changed because I did not see it as being important in society, but having a professor, writers and friends point out that the ideals of body image are everywhere is what has changed my outlook. This class has the ability to give a close minded person the chance to be opened to so many different views that it 's hard to remain unchanged.

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