A Research Study On Veterinary Medicine Essay

A Research Study On Veterinary Medicine Essay

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In veterinary medicine, there are a few different positions you can undertake within the profession. In those positions, you can also specialize in close to 40 different specialties. Here are the 3 main positions:

To become a veterinarian in Canada, you must start early and take as many science related classes, math and english in high school. After that you must complete a 4 year Bachelor’s degree at any university, preferably with an emphasis on pre-vet related classes like cell biology, biochemistry and zoology, to name a few. You must also pass your MCATs (Medical College Admission Test) at some point during your undergraduate studies. Acceptance into a Veterinary College is highly competitive as well as very difficult. It is even more so than for human doctors because of the larger variety of species veterinarians work with. There are 5 Veterinary Colleges in Canada, located in Prince Edward Island, Québec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. After receiving a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), some may also choose to specialize in a variety of specialties. Every province has their own licensing boards and it is the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) that is the national voice representing veterinarians in Canada.

Veterinary technician/technologist
To become a veterinary technician in Canada, you must take many science related classes like biology and chemistry, math and english. Some colleges need proof of rabies vaccines as well as up to 80 hours of volunteering in an animal shelter or clinic. After being accepted in the program you will spend 2 years studying plus a 6 week practicum (hands-on work). At the end of all of this, you must pass the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Examination), ...

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...rinarians can also be employed in laboratories where animals are used to ensure their safety as well as the ethical treatment of these animals. They work with many species, from small animals like cats and dogs to exotic ones like monkeys.

Veterinarians employed in zoo’s work with a wide variety of animals from all over the world. Many of them also have an avid interest in conservation and travel all over the world to participate on projects.

Private Practice
Some veterinarians choose to open their own private practices that minister to only a few species to a mixed practice that cater to many different species. Although it may seem nice to be your own boss, it is not easy to run your own practice because you have to worry about your employees salaries, insurance coverage, malpractice insurance and the cost of buying all the necessary equipment and medication.

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