A Research Study On The Retention Of Teachers Essay

A Research Study On The Retention Of Teachers Essay

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Problem Statement
Studies suggest that the retention of teachers is a common problem in many school systems. Williams (2011) stated that teachers are in and out the profession and this is disturbing because students are our future. Schools with high poverty rate, high rate of minority students, and with low test scores reveal a much higher percentage of teachers leaving the classroom (The Condition of Education, 2012; Darling-Hammond, 2003;Ingersoll,2003; Ingersoll,2003; Loeb et al., 2005; Richardson et al.,2008). Induction can help offer the novice teacher quality learning and much needed support in the classroom. Ingersoll (2012) found that when beginning teachers felt alone and were left to figure out classroom practices on their own with no assistance, they were more likely to leave the profession. Teacher annual turnover rates showed higher than other professions such as engineers, lawyers, and professors, according to Ingersoll and Merrill (2010).

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to examine why school systems are getting rid of veteran/mentor teachers that could help influence novice teachers job satisfaction? Mentor and mentees will be examine will examine job safety, retention of teachers, and job satisfaction.

Research Question(s) and Phenomenon or Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Variables
This study will examine four research questions:
R1 Why are school districts not implementing the mentor teacher?

R2 Will participation in a mentor induction program and mentoring for novice teachers result in Job satisfaction and retention of teachers?
Significance of Study
Kipps-Vaughan (2013) stated that stress among educators relates to the high turnover rate, early re...

... middle of paper ...

... analyzed in this study. The data analysis will be used to answer research questions in the qualitative study. The survey will be examined and charted to determine the data received.

Ethical Considerations
The ethical considerations will be based on the IRB and human subjects’ boards. This study will be conducted according to the three principles of ethical conduct and research. The IRB will be notified before any survey or questionnaire is conducted in this quantitative study. There will be consent forms for the partakers in the study to protect their rights. The answered data will be secure and protected according to the IRB. The participants will be protected in the research and all their rights protected. The ethical concern that may occur is that the mentor teacher and novice teacher may not be paired correctly, resulting in issue with one another.

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