A Research Study On The Health Profession Of Physician Assistants And Nps

A Research Study On The Health Profession Of Physician Assistants And Nps

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approximately $180,000 after medical schools. Urban or underserved areas have fewer revenues for physicians to pay back their school’s debts. Urban areas can also be their comfort zones, and places where they get their professional credentials. The Bureau of Health Profession also claims that is it predictable that the workforce of Physician Assistants and NPs will increase by 72% by 2025. However, even with this predicted growth, it predicts that this will only fill 16% of open Primary Care Positions that are expected to be short. The BHP article is well presented. It suggests that a way to decrease shortage is to increase Physician Assistant graduates and offer incentives. Also, it suggests that the ACA programs should be the ones to supply the incentives.
All the articles are well stratified although; the collaboration between Medical Doctors and primary care providers in the rural areas was not explicit. Most specialists, who choose to work in rural areas while living in urban cities, chose Telemedine and telehealth as ways to assist primary care providers for long distance assistance. Shi and Singh, authors of Delivering Health Care in America defines ways of promoting health although they are broader in scope as the use of telecommunications technology for medical diagnosis and patient care when the provider and client are separated by distance is uses . These forms of communications eliminate the requirement for face-to-face contact between the examining physician and the patient. Overall, they touched essentials points of the physician shortage trend. As we are researching the way that physicians and non-physician can help fill the gap in Primary Care this article was extremely relevant to our research.

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...hic, disease and public health pattern change remain obvious. Rural practice is not for everyone, but those who can deal with uncertainty and who enjoy working with underserved population, evaluating undifferential strategy or mass clinical presentations, and seek to serve and invest deeply in their community can bridge change in rural medical practice. The amelioration of the physician shortage trend requires combining effort. The ACA has responsibility of including a number of investments and incentives to increase the supply of PCSs. All players, including clinicians such as medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and, should conjugate their effort together and transform the health care delivery system. Also, maintain symbiotic relationship among their teams for a durable solution. Physician shortage must be a coordinate evidence base care.

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