A Research Study On The Experimental Session Essay

A Research Study On The Experimental Session Essay

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The participants were 21 (19 female and 2 male) undergraduate students enrolled in a general psychology laboratory class at Anderson University in Indiana. The participants were selected by convenience sampling, and they received a grade for participating in and completing the experiment. Every participant completed the experiment. The participants were separated into two groups. The first group consisted of numbers 1-11 that listened to music first, whereas the second group consisted of numbers 12-21 that conversed with the passenger first. The experimental session lasted approximately 1 hr and 30 min.
Prior to the experiment, a paper survey was given to each participant. The questions asked were as followed: their years of driving experience, the number of days since they last drove, the number of hours they slept the previous night, and the number of cups of coffee they drank that morning. Also, it asked the participants their self-rated attention on a 10 point scale (10 being extreme difficulty and 1 being no difficulty), if they had any conditions that could impair driving, and if they were taking any medications that could impair driving. The experiment took place in one of the psychology department rooms, where a table and two chairs were set up. On the table, there was a green and brown reaction time box that provided three spaces for light. Below the table, the reaction time box was connected to a black foot pedal that served as a brake. A red and black gaming steering wheel was in front of the reaction time box. Masking tape marked where the gas pedal would have been was on the right of the brake pedal. On a separate table, a projected connected to a computer played a YouTube video of a driving simulation.

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...sical. The experimenter in the room would play the selected music from an iPhone and project it from the speakers. The participant would perform the experiment the same way as the control, with the exception of music playing in the background the entire time.
During the conversing with passenger section, participants would perform the experiment the same way as the control, except a passenger was sitting in a chair next to them. The passenger made engaging conversation with the participant the whole time he or she was driving. Each group would participate in both sections, with only the last two sections being in different orders for the participants. While waiting in between sections, the participations would sit in another room and wait for the numbers to be called. After participating in all three sections, participants were told they were allowed to leave.

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