A Research Study On Stem Education Essay

A Research Study On Stem Education Essay

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; it was designed to help bring these core subjects together in the school education program. The program was developed to lift student engagement, build confidence in these particular learning areas and to support teachers to improve student outcomes (Education council, p. 1, 2015). STEM education is expanding is over many nation and becoming a major part of Australia’s education program, it aims to bring the outside world to the students to develop competence in areas that will be relevant to their futures. Evidence shows that schools over Australia are finding that teachers are unmotivated to teach science to students due to their lack of science knowledge and students are showing negative attitudes towards science as an overall learning area. By implementing the STEM program teachers are learning more about science as important subject to be taught in schools and a variety of different activities, investigations and experiments have been created to be used to help encourage students active participation in science.

STEM Education
The National Education Council (2015) state there are two goals for STEM education they are;
Goal 1: Ensure all students finish school with strong foundational knowledge in STEM and related skills and Goal 2: Ensure that students are inspired to take on more challenging STEM subjects. Goal 1 emphasis’s how STEM education can help develop students’ skills in critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and collaboration. This will allow students to engage with the developing world (Education Council, 2015, pg. 5). STEM education can assist students in there learning’s as well as allowing them the opportunity to explore a wide variety o...

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...ssment programs, including the TIMSS and PISA suggest that Australia’s school student science performance is declining in some instances, and remaining static in others (Marginson, S., et al. 2013). It is essential that the STEM program continues to grow and develop to assist teachers to find appropriate resources, experiments and background knowledge that is needed to teach science to students.

STEM education is becoming a major component to the schooling in Australia and other developed nations. Education in these fields especially science is crucial to the future of economy. Teachers need to be creative, incorporating STEM into a wide range of curricular areas to assist students’ learning. The push for STEM education is growing, with so many resources available; teachers are able to create hands-on innovative lessons that will aim to engage students.

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