A Research Study On School Bullying Essay

A Research Study On School Bullying Essay

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School bullying is prevalent yet often a neglected issue which is closely associated with poor academic performance. (Swearer, Espelage, Vaillancourt and Hymel, 2010, p.38) This survey research’s aims to examine teacher’s responses to physical bullying in terms of the influence of their individual level as well as their institutional factors and the probability of responding to such behaviour. This study will use a self-administered survey for data collection. The data are going to be collected from approximately 300 teachers in 50 public sector schools situated in The North-East of England. This study utilises both a qualitative and quantitative design. The quantitative data assess the likelihood of responding to physical bullying whereas the qualitative data will expand and explain the teacher’s experiences.

Ethical matters.
The British Educational Research Association (BERA) (2011, p.5-6) deliberates that researchers should adhere to the ethical guideline for educational research to ensure participants are respected and treated fairly regardless of any differences in their social, emotional, cultural, physical and spiritual physiognomies. Even though there are no fixed guidelines, respondents should always be subject to appropriate ethical review to secure a moral value in the research. (Clough, P. and Nutbrown, C. 2007, p.172) Frequently referred as the philosophy of morality, (Frankena, 1963 as cited by Kitchener, Karen Strohm; Anderson, Sharon, 2011, p.2) ethical matters has always been a key dilemma in research as it entails the judgement of right and wrong; advocates what values are worth pursuing; endorses justice for respondents (Hospers, 1961, p.6). Researchers are well aware that their published papers are open t...

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...which led to a proliferation in verbal as well as physical hostility. Though this was written in the perspective of America and, therefore, cannot be used to represent children in England. Irrespectively, this study will take account of this possibility and ensure that teachers are not affected if they have showed any signs of ineffectual measures in their survey regarding responding to physical bullying in school. Should any problems arise like signs of distress, participants do have the right to withdraw at any time as stated in the information consent sheet.

In summary, due to the limitation of words, it was evident that to ensure that this research is produced to its highest standards and not bring it into disrepute by misconduct, I have considered the main dilemma of ethical research to show my responsibility to participants as guided by BERA, (2011, p9.10).

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