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Research starts with a hypothesis. Once your hypothesis is well developed you must execute your plan to test it. Conducting developmental research typically requires a design method and a research strategy. Research designs are the general plans to test the hypothesis. Common design methods include longitudinal, cross section and sequential. Research strategies are methods for gathering data. Research strategies include systemic observation, self-reports, clinical method, and ethnography.
The longitudinal design for research development consist of studying the same participants over a period of time (Berk, 2010). For example, three little boys are studied at ages two, four, and six. Another example is studying two newborns every day for eight consecutive days. A strength in this designs study is that it tracks individual patterns; thus allowing the identification of common patterns and individual differences (Berk, 2010). Suppose a study was conducted on physical fitness levels of males over a 20 year period and it concluded that Jonny’s physical fitness declined because he broke his leg. This is an example of an individual difference. Suppose this study also concluded that the best physical fitness levels where among the boys who played sports in school. This is an example of common patterns. Longitudinal design study also allows the researcher to analyze cause and effect relationships (Berk, 2010). In the physical fitness study if it was concluded that Billy’s physical fitness declined because he moved from a large farm to a large apartment building. The cause and effect relationship could determine that when Billy lived on the farm he spent much of his free time outdoors and when he moved to the apartment his fr...

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...rch strategy. In the clinical method one participant is used and information from various sources are used (Berk, 2010). Information is obtained from interviews, observations, and test scores. This method is used to capture an accurate account of an individual’s psychological functioning and prior experiences that fostered their functioning.
The last research method is ethnography. This method is used for studying a culture or social group by observation (Berk, 2010). This method uses observations, self-reports, and researcher interpretations. The researcher often participates in the daily life of the culture to gain understanding.
When comparing the clinical method to ethnography both methods use different sources for gathering data. Both are subject to researcher bias. With both methods the results can only be applied to the participants of the study.

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